Xi2 and Xi3 fail to sign-in to CloudManager after power failure with particular ISP

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Hi Support,

We have three Xclaim APs at a venue which is a POC test for a larger nationwide deployment of over 200 units so its very important that this POC works properly.

The problem we are having is that there are ocassional power failures at the location which obviously cause the APs to lose conectivity to the Cloud but when the power comes back on, even thought the Internet service is restored and the APs DO provide Internet access, they fail to sign-in to the Cloud and appear offline (their LEDs stay on blinking red). I have not been able to determine the reason because I’ve tested the Internet service and it works fine.

What is even stranger is that even if I restart the ONT, which I can do remotely, they APs don’t come back up, at least not immediately as I would expect.

The only way I’ve been able to get them back online is to physically go to the site and restarted them, which as you can understand, is not an option when you have more than 200 units distributed across the whole country. Even so, they do not appear online immediately but take from 20 to 30 minutes.

I must expalin that we ONLY see this behavior with a Huawei HG8245H ONT and the Internet service provided by EnlaceTP in Mexico. I tested the process with another ISP and after a power failure the AP gets back online in a few minutes.

I am completely baffled as to why the different behavior and I´m hoping there is a log somewhere that can give us some additional info.

Any ideas as to why the APs need to be restarted so they connect to the Cloud?

They are 2 Xi2 and one Xi3 btw.


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