CloudManager doesn't show iOS as operating system.

I would like to ask about CloudManager misinterpretation of operating system of connected devices.

As you can see in attached report, there are 14 devices connected. Clients interpreted as Other are Apple devices (specifically 2x Apple with OS X, 2x iPAD a 2x iPhone) and there's no Xbox connected, but CloudManager still displays Xbox 360.

Only one device is displayed as iOS - Apple TV.

What could cause this misinterpretation?
Is there anything that can be done about it? Will it be resolved in another CloudManager update?

Thank you very much for early response.

Best regards,
Veronika Marasova


  • Hi @Veronika_Marasova,

    This appears to be a common issue that many vendors are facing with the latest iOS versions running on iPhones/iPads. It isn't specific to Xclaim as far as we can tell and it appears to be an iOS issue that is causing this. We will try to address this issue in upcoming releases.


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