Feature Request: Rename Clients

haydnduphaydndup Member Posts: 1

Hi guys,

I use 40 x R700s at work and was so excited when I discovered Xclaim and the cloud manager, as I've now deployed 3 of them at home.

A few things I've noticed, which I'm hoping can be future improvements:
1. The ability to assign a friendly name to devices. There are a bunch of android-xyzzzzzzz devices, which I'd like to rename to something more meaningful, so that I can track their usage better.
2. In the client view, I don't see a timeframe for the amount of data used. Is that data from the last 24 hours? Or the entire session length? Would it be possible to set a duration, so you can see usage over the last 2 hours, 24, 48, etc?
3. The ability to schedule email reports, which get emailed to you.
4. The ability to set per-device speed and data usage caps.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to the ongoing improvements!

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